Hey Calvary Restoration!

We’re excited to announce that Calvary Restoration Church is ready to enter Phase 3 of our COVID-19 Worship Plan! Phase 1 was worshipping online through the program Zoom. Phase 2 implemented house churches. Now Phase 3 will add the option
to worship at our church building on Sunday mornings. Our first service at the building will be August 2nd, at 10am.

Zoom and House churches have included many, but they don’t work for everyone. There are hurting, lonely, and spiritually hungry people in our community. It’s our prayer that opening our doors on Sunday morning will engage more people and welcome new visitors. Our church service will have a familiar structure (singing, preaching, and communion) but will look a little different than before. We are following our government’s mandates (like wearing masks and social distancing) plus taking some additional precautions (no kids ministry for the months of August-September).


For this reason, we will continue offering 3 different formats. We invite everyone to join us for worship in one of three ways:
Online (Zoom). If you are at-risk or uncomfortable with meeting in person, Zoom is a great way to join the live worship service from home. Please stay for our discussion group afterwards!

House church: Small groups of people gather in homes to watch the service online and worship together. This option allows each house church to make adjustments according to their specific needs. Some groups set up a kids play area, or meet outside, or even share a meal together! We believe that house church is still a great option, especially for families with young children. If you’d like to sign-up for a house church, please click the link below.

Church building: Our church services will resume at the building on August 2nd. We will have a mixture of the familiar and the novel. We want everyone to be on the same page: we are going to enforce the guidelines so that everyone knows what to expect.
We know this may be difficult or uncomfortable at times. Please help us create a culture of reverence before God, passion for the Gospel, and loving deference for one another.

Our guidelines for worshiping at the church building:

  • A volunteer will greet you and check your temperature at the door.

  • Masks are required indoors.

  • We must wear a mask throughout the entire service. If you don’t have a mask, the church will give you a disposable one at the front door.

  • Children ages 3-10 are not legally required to wear a mask. Parents, we encourage children to wear masks but leave it up to your parental discretion. (Children under the age of 3 should not wear a mask.)

  • This is a contact-free zone. No hugs, handshakes, etc. (It grieves us to enforce this!)

  • Maintain social distancing when possible (6ft or more).

  • Our seats will be spaced in the auditorium, allowing room between individuals or family units.

  • Parents, please keep your children with you and don’t let them run around and play. (We know this isn’t possible for younger children. We recommend House church as a more kid-friendly option at this time.)


Communion: We have individually packaged communion cups and will all take communion together.

Our Kids Ministry team met and decided not to offer nursery or other kids classes in August-September. These leaders love our kiddos and cannot offer this service in good conscience at this time. Public schools may reopen in August/September and we
hope to learn a lot of helpful information from that process.

Even though our contact inside the church building is limited, there are many ways to fellowship after church! We encourage you to talk in the parking lot afterwards, go to the park, or invite someone over for lunch. Seek out people who are lonely or
disconnected. Creatively pursue fellowship and community!

Finally, we know that people have different levels of health risks, concerns, and convictions about safety during this time. We encourage you to pursue worship and fellowship according to your God-given convictions and your Holy Spirit informed

In Christ,
The elders of Calvary Restoration.


Link to Sunday Zoom Services
Link to House church signup